It’s Time To Update Our Theories Of Culture And How It Manifests

It’s time to update our theories of org culture and how it manifests Culture: in this instance, not the foul-smelling jar of sourdough starter gurgling on your kitchen bench. In this instance, we’re talking about an organisation’s shared values, goals, attitudes, rituals, and the unspoken rules for how everyone works together in comparison to others.  […]

Psychological Safety Is The Most Important Dynamic Of Effective Teams

Psychological safety is the most important dynamic of effective teams: How to create it High-performing teams need psychological safety. Unfortunately, there’s no ‘hack’ to achieving this quickly.  If you want to create highly effective teams, you’re going to need these three things: high-performance standards, training, and clarity about goals  psychological safety, where people are empowered […]

WorkTech Is Driving The Modern Employee Experience. Is Yours Up To The Task?

WorkTech Is Driving The Modern Employee Experience. Is Yours Up To The Task? Whether your workplace is entirely remote, in-office or somewhere in between, employees are communicating and collaborating in new (more effective) ways. Which means technology has emerged as a driving force in the employee experience. Is your technology creating a workplace where your […]

Old Work Isn’t Coming Back

The default 9-5 in-office workweek is dead. The gig is up. Knowledge workers have worked out that eight-hour days shivering while chained to a sterile cubicle with little access to natural air or light.