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Build rich team connections

Strengthen team bonds beyond work with profiles that bring out the human side. Create a culture where each person’s unique personality can shine.

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A breezy way for team members to share their human side

Cadrelo allows employees to create social profiles highlighting hobbies and interests, and complete a fun quiz to establish and compare preferred working styles across the company. New team members can quickly grasp your team’s mission with a team manifesto, fostering a cohesive and welcoming environment.

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Sharing way of working and team’s social side

Cadrelo’s team profile acts like a living team manifesto, pulling details from individual profiles to bring modern teams together. It creates inclusive work environments by showcasing shared values, promoting teamwork, and building strong connections. Discover overlapping interests, team contribution styles, and much more.

avatar1 Haylee Zee Marketing Manager
avatar1 Matt Schett Customer Success
avatar1 Catherine Fox Sales lead
avatar1 Carol Zeng Designer
avatar1 Donovan Emmet Account Manager
avatar1 Jacob Peterson Delivery Lead
🚞 Mountain trips
🍕 Pizza
🏀 Basketball
🎮 Video games

Make work personal
with Cadrelo

Use the team directory to build deeper connections over common interests. Drop our virtual team mate Dre into your Slack channel and supercharge engagement on topics that matter to your team.

Get to know your team beyond just work!

Cadrelo offers fun quizzes that are baked into daily work routines to interact with other team members. The Social Connect module consists of emoji charades, tough choices and more! Perfect way to add chatter and human connection.

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Meet Dre, your team’s Chief Engagement Officer

Dre can boost your team’s effectiveness with daily summaries, wise counsel, and a variety of tactics to keep things human and projects on track. Dre analyzes each profile to find common points. Moreover, Dre offers advice on effective collaboration, enhancing shared strengths, and making the most of differences.

Onboard new starters

Enhance the onboarding experience for new starters by facilitating early connections and team integration. Our platform allows new employees to virtually meet their team members, gain insights into their roles and personalities, fostering a sense of familiarity and enabling them to envision how they fit into the team even before their official start date.

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Sparkling Heart on Microsoft Teams 15.0

Increase engagement

Help people connect at a human level at work, foster a sense of belonging, purpose and emotional investment.

Smiling Face with Open Hands on Microsoft Teams 15.0

Onboard new starters

Enhance the onboarding experience for new starters by facilitating early connections and team integration.

Piñata on Microsoft Teams 15.0

Craft positive cultures

Building positive and inclusive workplace culture, where diversity and ideas are welcomed, and individuals thrive.

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In today’s flexible work environment, teams need modern tools that foster collaboration, connections, and continuous improvement. Cadrelo is the ultimate solution for teams to collaborate, align around objectives, and infuse a sense of humanity into their work.

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