Time tracking

Track your work effort

Effortlessly track time and see your team’s work. Connect individual tasks to team goals and understand where your team’s efforts are focused.

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Tracking built in your workflow

Toggle time tracking on and off easily straight from your focus list – no need for additional applications. It offers a single-click tracking experience with the flexibility to edit entries if needed, making time management a breeze.

  • Single click time tracking straight from your task list
  • Pause and continue anywhere in the application
  • Cascades up to goal level to understand time commitment
  • Visual status indicator to show what everyone is working on
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Sharing focus

Cadrelo automatically highlights the tasks that are currently being tracked in the daily sync list, allowing team members to see the tasks that are actively being worked on.

Understand effort

Gain valuable insights into your team’s efforts and investment on your key strategic initiatives. Consolidate individual time tracked and build a clear understanding of the overall effort and commitment behind each important delivery.

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Create insightful reports

Create comprehensive and insightful reports that showcase precise effort expended across tasks and goals, allowing you to share them internally for team analysis or externally with clients to provide transparent visibility into project progress and resource utilization.

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Lose the spreadsheets

Simplify time tracking by eliminating manual data entry with effortless and hassle-free time tracking.

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Enhance accountability

Foster a culture of accountability within teams, leading to improved task ownership and responsibility.

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Optimise team workflows

Streamline processes and optimise workflows by better understanding team inefficiencies.

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Say goodbye to complicated and cumbersome time tracking systems. Cadrelo offers a simple and effortless solution that helps you and your team stay informed about your current focus. Stay organized, stay focused, and maximize your productivity with Cadrelo’s user-friendly time tracking.

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