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Welcome to our latest blog post, where we explore the art of crafting a team charter. A team charter is not just a document; it’s the blueprint for your team’s success. It lays the groundwork for teamwork, shared understanding, and commitment. Inspired by the insights from our trusted “Team Tactics” guide, we’ll walk you through a simple, yet powerful approach to develop a team charter that resonates with every member of your team.

Setting the Stage: Drawing the Framework

Start by gathering your team and finding a large surface – think a whiteboard or a big sheet of paper. You’re going to create a visual that includes the following elements:

  • Team Name and Date: This marks the birth of your charter.
  • People & Roles: Who is on the team and what are their roles?
  • Goals: What are the collective objectives of the team?
  • Values: Which core values do you all share?
  • Purpose: Why does your team exist? What’s your driving force?
  • Personal Goals: What individual aspirations do team members have?
  • Needs & Expectations: What does each member need and expect from the team?
  • Rules & Activities: How will you communicate, make decisions, and work together?
  • Strengths & Assets: What are your team’s superpowers?
  • Weaknesses & Risks: What challenges might you face?

Filling the Canvas: Collaborative Creation

Now, it’s time to bring your team charter to life. Collaboratively fill out each section of the framework:

  • People and Roles: Create a clear picture of who does what.
  • Purpose: Define the ‘why’ behind your team’s goals.
  • Goals: Set achievable and meaningful objectives.
  • Personal Goals: Acknowledge each team member’s personal ambitions.
  • Values: Agree on the principles that guide your team.
  • Needs & Expectations: Ensure everyone’s needs and expectations are heard and respected.
  • Rules & Activities: Decide on your team’s modus operandi.
  • Strengths & Assets: Celebrate your collective strengths.
  • Weaknesses & Risks: Plan for potential hurdles.

Keeping it Fresh: Regular Reviews

Your team charter isn’t set in stone. Every three months, gather your team for a retrospective. This is your chance to reflect on the charter’s effectiveness and make necessary updates. It’s all about continuous improvement.

Open Doors: Sharing Your Charter

Don’t keep your team charter a secret. Display it in a common area. This transparency helps others understand your team’s structure and goals, and it showcases your commitment to open communication.


A team charter is a living document that captures the essence of your team’s purpose and plan. It’s a tool that fosters understanding, alignment, and commitment. By following these steps, you’ll create a charter that not only guides your team but also inspires and unites everyone towards common goals. Remember, the strength of your team lies in the clarity of your charter. Happy team building!

To help with teams who are remote, hybrid or not co-located a digital whiteboard may be best. Thankfully some incredible people have created team charters on Miro. Here’s some awesome examples that will allow your team create and update an awesome team charter:

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