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Matt invited you to the team
Product Belong Marketing
You and Catherine have 4 similar interests
Carol mentioned you in the goal Q3 sales
Donovan opened up a new pulse board. Time to reflect

A #hrtech people platform that puts everyone on the same page.

Whether fully remote, hybrid or co-located Cadrelo exists to help every team reach their potential. Jump in and get started for free! Get your team collaborating in a single platform designed to help them thrive.

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Align focus

Streamline team focus, engage and align everyone to move in the same direction.

Connect teams

No matter how or where your team chooses to work, Cadrelo unlocks the human side of teams to help them achieve anything.

Supercharge success

Cadrelo supports teams with processes that build trust, and high performance practices that unlock success.

Haylee Zee
Jacob Peterson
Catherine Fox

What’s everyone up to today?

A snappy daily stand up

Keep everyone up to date with a super snappy async standup that produces a great overview of what each team member is tackling that day. No more confusion on what everyone is working on, if they need help, or if their progress is being blocked!

  • Let the team know what you are working on, when you are available, or if you are blocked’
  • Use rich formatting, including to-do lists, mentions, emojis and images
  • Set away status if sick or on leave
  • Translates working hours across time zones to provide clarity on who is available
  • Link up to work items with Jira integration
avatar1 Haylee Zee Marketing Manager
avatar1 Matt Schett Customer Success
avatar1 Catherine Fox Sales lead
avatar1 Carol Zeng Designer
avatar1 Donovan Emmet Account Manager
avatar1 Jacob Peterson Delivery Lead
🚞 Mountain trips
🍕 Pizza
🏀 Basketball
🎮 Video games

Who are the humans working here?

Make work personal
with your team directory

A breezy way for new and existing team members to share their human side. Use the team directory to build deeper connections over common interests. Drop our virtual teammie Dre into your Slack channel and supercharge engagement on topics that matter to your team.

  • Create social profile with interests and passions
  • Complete contribution style quiz to let the team understand how you like to work
  • Share and compare profiles within the team
  • Create team manifesto using team values
  • Enable Slack integration to create social buzz

What are we working towards?

Simple goal tracking

Give teams purpose, align focus and help everyone move in the same direction with clarity of the end goal. A single destination to review team objectives, bring together insights, assign responsibility and track progress towards success.

  • Create objectives and goals with due dates, assignees and rich information
  • Filter and keep on track with goal progress
  • Link up with Jira work items via Jira integration
pulse items
avatar1 Haylee
avatar2 Matt
avatar3 Catherine
avatar4 Carol

How do we get better?

Reflect, review and improve

Sharpen team and individual performance where teams can continually share, discuss and act on feedback, whether async, live, or hybrid. Generating intelligent actionable insights that can help push the team to work to their strengths and explore growth areas.

  • Reflect at any given time using pulse board notes
  • Upvote, discuss and measure notes and engagement
  • Tag notes to themes to understand trends
  • Come together as a team to review and turn notes into trackable action items

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It’s never been about the distance between cubicles. It’s only ever been about the strength of connection. Cadrelo is building connected workplaces – where a little bit of magic ensures team members and managers feel supported, empowered and included. Workplaces that drive high engagement and earn high performance.

Cadrelo is free for now. Become an early adopter today.

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