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WorkTech Is Driving The Modern Employee Experience. Is Yours Up To The Task?

Whether your workplace is entirely remote, in-office or somewhere in between, employees are communicating and collaborating in new (more effective) ways. Which means technology has emerged as a driving force in the employee experience.

Is your technology creating a workplace where your people and culture can thrive?

As more organisations are forced to look for talent abroad or remote, you will need proper solutions to help them succeed.

Employees are demanding better work experiences

The world may still be transitioning into its future way of working, but employees are already demanding better. One study found that employees feel so strongly about remote work that 35% said they’re more likely to look for a new job if they’re forced to work in an office full-time. Interestingly, only 23% of respondents feel their experience working at their office exceeds or greatly exceeds their expectations.

But it’s not just increased demand for flexible locations. Some employees report increased productivity and significantly less stress when they have schedule flexibility.

Whether it’s remote work or flexible hours, effective work technology is the enabler of happier, healthier, high-performing teams.

Hybrid workplaces are demanding better tech

Technology may be driving the employee experience, but not many employees feel like their employer is meeting their technology needs. Only 30% said their experience with their company’s technology exceeds or greatly exceeds their expectations, leaving many workplaces with room to grow. 

And it’s critical that you do.

The same study found that the engagement rate for people who have productivity-enabling tech scored 91%, whereas the engagement rate for people who do not have productivity-enabling tech is 24%.

So, what do your employees need from your tech?

It’s a good starting point to ask them, directly. But mostly, you’ll want to ensure your technology can support connection, communication, and collaboration. 

  • Is it reliable (this includes their home internet connection)?
  • Is it fast?
  • Is it seamless?
  • Does it enable asynchronous experiences so employees can work-from-anywhere at any time?

The case for better #WorkTech

Data doesn’t lie. And there probably won’t be a more convincing stat than this:

Employees collaborating globally who say that technology is enabling productivity are 230% more engaged and 85% more likely to stay in their jobs beyond three years.

A Future Forum study of knowledge workers found organisations that invest in new digital infrastructure see improvements, compared to those relying on legacy systems. Their findings show up in areas such as productivity (54% better), the sense of belonging (over 2 times better), and ability to manage stress and anxiety (over 5 times better). 

So, as employee confidence in physical workspaces is dwindling while the demand for remote and hybrid work increases, employers need to invest in effective technology to support their people to do their job well.

Remote or in office. Use tech to improve the employee experience.

The right #WorkTech can increase employee engagement, satisfaction and retention, improve productivity and performance, and encourage motivation, collaboration and innovation. The right #WorkTech is critical to an organisation’s ability to remain competitive and thrive.

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