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Say goodbye to work-life imbalance: How asynchronous work can change our world

Are you tired of feeling like you can never truly disconnect from work? Always being on, offices paired with the typical 9-5 schedule where presenteeism trumps everything else is an absolute barrier to many different people trying to achieve a semblance of work-life balance. Let’s be brutally honest, the current form of work borrows a little bit from the industrial revolution, mixes in a touch of modern tech, and layers a whole lot of old-school management which favours face-to-face interaction. The consumption of this cocktail only suits some, but even then leads to a bitter aftertaste of burnout for most.

happy dog puppy happy dog go dawgs butler university butler blue butler bulldogs butler bulldog dog walk butler basketball b… | Bulldog gif, Bulldog dog, Happy dogsAsynchronous work is a game-changer that allows individuals to integrate work into their lives, rather than the other way around. For example, with asynchronous work you can take an afternoon walk with your dog, report on the outcomes you achieved for the day, and sync with your colleagues all without having to be in the office. People from all around the world in different time zones are able to work effectively together and achieve great outcomes! Someone, please tell me this is a bad idea. Especially today when we’re super busy looking for talent! Apparently, there are shortages and quiet quitting of pandemic proportions.

This type of work has also opened up opportunities for groups of people who have traditionally been overlooked in the workforce. For example, mothers on maternity leave can now work while also spending time with their children. As long as it’s not about being physically present, they can complete their tasks while still being there for their families.

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Asynchronous work also provides an opportunity for people with different abilities to find their place in the workforce. Some workplaces may not be accessible for neurodiverse workers, people in wheelchairs, or others who suffer from various physical or mental conditions. With asynchronous work, these individuals can contribute and use their talents in a way that works best for them. It creates equality of economic opportunity like never before! Again someone please challenge this idea. Every major workplace has pledged and publicly brands themselves are inclusive and all about diversity! Here’s a sure way to get there 💪

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Let’s also not forget all technophiles that need more than 4 monitors at any given moment, rgb everything, or homey peeps that require the fresh smell of scented candles wafting through their house…you get it. Some people just like their space particular. The traditional office just doesn’t cater to that level of personalisation.

It’s important for organizations to recognize the benefits of asynchronous work and how it can level the playing field for all employees. This type of work allows for flexibility, better work-life balance, and the ability for everyone to contribute in a way that works best for them. There are ofcourse challenges. There always is! However, the onus is on organisations to adapt, to be inclusive, and to offer workers an opportunity to both live and work. We wrote another piece on how managers can adapt to this new world and start leveraging technology like Cadrelo today.

In conclusion, asynchronous work is a powerful tool that can benefit both employees and organizations. By allowing individuals to integrate work into their lives and providing opportunities for traditionally overlooked groups, it can lead to a more diverse and inclusive workforce. It’s time for organizations to consider implementing asynchronous work for the benefit of all.

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