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3 Powerful ways to build connection in a hybrid workplace

Humans are social creatures that need to belong. From our humble beginnings sharing war stories by campfire, we’ve been hardwired for connection. So, when the world moved to remote (and hybrid), the way teams communicated had to change – both the frequency and style of communication – to keep nurturing those connections. 

Workplaces introduced virtual check-ins and events to help repel feelings of loneliness and disconnection. While helpful, there’s something to be said about the powerful emotional connection that’s forged when we’re in the same room together. 

Conversations flow more freely when we bump into each other by the watercooler, or when we can face up in person and read and manage another’s emotional responses and social cues. 

Teams who have the benefit of knowing, bonding, and working with each other prior to the #LockdownLife have an upper hand for sure, but considerations must be made for new team members and teams picked up along the way. Virtual check-ins are valuable, yes. But the digital disconnect makes it harder to forge those strong emotional connections we once took for granted.

Here are 3 powerful ways to foster connection

Increasing the frequency of your check-ins and introducing virtual coffees / knock off drinks is one thing. But as we settle into hybrid life permanently, you might also want to consider these powerful ways to break down the digital barriers and forge stronger connections quickly.

#1 Use a person’s name in conversation

Our names form part of our identity, so it’s no surprise we place high value on hearing it!
Studies have shown the potency in using a person’s name. 

It can:

  • indicate your interest in that person and what they have to say
  • create an environment of respect and recognition
  • quickly create a rapport.

Whether those conversations are face-to-face, via video call, standard phone call, or even in chat platforms, such as Slack or LinkedIn Mail, using someone’s name can improve the quality and effectiveness of your conversations.

#2 Be candid about your mistakes and flaws

Nothing spells authenticity like unabashedly admitting your challenges. You can appear humbler and more relatable when you aren’t constantly painting an unrealistic picture of perfection. That’s not to say you come into every Zoom call all-guns blazing, fessin’ up to mistakes, and tearing at your own ego. But show up when it matters. 

Empathetically connect with team members who appear to be struggling. Reach out and ask for help when you’re struggling. Share relatable experiences and encourage others to share theirs. 

And yes, if you mess up big time at work, owning it helps, too! 

#3 Pay attention to the common ground

How much better do we connect with people when we can establish similarities? Like, you grew up around the same neighbourhood, or studied at the same university, or have children the same age. 

Cadrelo makes it easy for individuals to discover their similarities, so you can effortlessly break ground and bond over shared experiences and interests without the painstakingly awkward ice-breaking activities we’re forced into at the start of team workshops *gross*

Social connectedness within teams and organisations is invaluable. It improves productivity and performance, collaboration and creativity. Unfortunately, hybrid and remote arrangements can make recreating those connections more challenging than the glory watercooler days of yore. 

Try these powerful tricks to forge stronger connections, quickly.

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