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3 Ingredients that bake an awesome team

Successful teams play a key role in highly effective organisations. And while you might not always be able to put your finger on ‘what’, you always know an awesome team when you see them in action. They are more likely to achieve their goals, work together smoothly and perform at their best as individuals and team members.

Obviously, team cohesiveness leads effectiveness. But what are the smaller ingredients that need to be blended first, so that cohesiveness and awesomeness can proof and develop over time?

Here are 3 simple ingredients of an awesome team.

1. Freedom

When team members are encouraged to share and challenge ideas, openly discuss solutions, and solve problems together, you create a safe space for people to experiment and try without fear. Team members feel empowered by the freedom to undershoot, overshoot, make miscalculations and “fail”, but most importantly, to learn.

When your people feel safe to show up and contribute as their true and authentic self without fear of judgement or punishment, magic happens. They become more open minded, curious, creative, and confident.

2. Knowledge

Having a deep knowledge of self and others is considered the strongest predictor of successful performance. They understand that conflict isn’t about them as people but their desire to do their best in order to achieve personal and team goals. They possess the wisdom that sometimes we must take a few steps back to move forward, that we put our team members first, and that we always have positive intent with every action. They’ve learned to trust that teammates will be there to support them no matter what.

With a strong knowledge of self and others, teams can form a strong team identity that fosters belongingness, clarity, and trust.

3. Purpose

People want meaningful work and a strong sense of knowing how they belong. While this has probably always been the case to an extent, the pandemic forced everyone to rethink their relationship with work, so that work purpose has become a key candidate and employee motivator.

Individuals want to know how they contribute to the team, what they’re trying to achieve, and how their role impacts their community. They also need to know the boundaries, roles, and contributions of other team members to find their unique purpose in that team, so that everyone can shine and perform at their best. This can take some time to learn organically through day-to-day interactions.

Awesome teams require collaboration, strong and effective communication, and acknowledgement of a common purpose. But in this pandemic era, organisations must work smarter to create an environment of belonging and togetherness that enables their success.

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